“…more than acting… Lifebook is a community that will inspire growth in your life & your art.”    – Leilani Marie Smith

Lifebook is more than simply an acting school. Lifebook is a community of artists working together for the achievement of their dreams. Lifebook is a launching pad for artistic communication and a place for real inspiration. Many students go on to produce and star in films with their fellow their Lifebook students. Many students have gotten other students auditions where Lifebook artists book professional work on the same project together. This community of artists stands powerful in an industry where you cannot succeed alone.

We have actors, musicians, comics, writers, directors, producers, and more. Lifebook’s community has artists of all backgrounds, experience levels, from multiple fields, all working together.

Lifebook is a place where you can learn to book professional acting work for life. It is also from life which real artists borrow and steal real moments for use in their work. Stella Adler said directly to one of my mentors, “I’m not just teaching acting, I’m teaching actors to be people.” We too continue this tradition at Lifebook. We steal from the book of life searching for honesty and truth in the moment. We are always observing in life with “the eyes of an artist,” looking for real moments, real behavior, which we can use in our work on stage and on film.

Backstage names Lifebook Acting Academy a top 6 studio in LA

Allen Levin

“Get on stage as much as you can with rehearsed work. Bring me your best. Challenge me with fully realized acting choices and wins. This is the way you will get the most out of class. Why pay me to teach you what you already know? Perhaps if you would have rehearsed more, you’d have found the solution. Rehearse well and then let me elevate your work even higher. Together we will achieve a lot in a relatively short amount of time if this is your strategy.”

– Allen Levin, Lifebook Teacher

Favorite Acting Role: It’s a tie between playing “Dave Rowberry” on “American Dreams” (NBC) and “Sid” in “The Corner Office.”

“I began as an actor and realized in class that I wanted to be an acting coach. I studied under Milton Katselas (RIP) for several years. I’d bring an extra notebook to class and secretly critique my fellow advanced students. My critiques were right in line with Milton. He had been teaching for over 30 years!

I began my career as a professional coach in 1992, at the time I coached swimming (WSI with the Red Cross). Since then I’ve coached Table Tennis (Ping Pong). I have assistant coached with Danny Seemiller, the United States Olympic Table Tennis Coach. I won some championships as a player and enjoyed private and team coaching as well.

I began teaching acting well over a decade ago. I found that the same skill set required to coach sports at a high level transfers beautifully to coaching artists. Acting classes I have taught include: Scene Study, Improv, Cold Reading, Audition Technique, Career Coaching, Acting Technique, and others. Classes have involved highly successful industry guest speakers as well. My best teaching has come into fruition at Lifebook, which I founded in 2005.

Lifebook students have booked Series Regular and major recurring roles on mainstream television, leads in high budget feature films opposite A-list stars, national commercials, touring musicals, plays, and have landed recording contracts in music.

I have produced and written pilots for television with top industry directors, writers, and producers, as full partners. One of them, called “LOL in LA” is a real contender.

In 2009 I started a free actor co-op called “The Winners Circle” which has a very strong group of actors chosen out of over 450 auditions. These actors put on events, outings, and meetings for each other at no cost. We at Lifebook sometimes invite The Winners Circle to events. It’s a fun way to network and make additional friends with more positive artists who are winning in our chosen field.

In 2010 I started a charitable group for actors called TSAG. This group caters to the needs of actors at no charge whatsoever. TSAG’s ambition is to help 1000 actors to better pursue their dreams. TSAG has already taught hundreds actors for free and we are consistently making strides towards our 1000 students goal. Lifebook actors are volunteering with this project as stage managers. We are really making a positive difference with this program. The results have been awesome!

Over the past years I have also written, shot, directed, and edited a number of short films. The direction of my production work is heading into feature films and mainstream television.

Above all things I love watching my actors achieve in class and in the industry. I teach private lessons and full classes. With both there is great satisfaction in watching actors advance. I enjoy working with artists at every stage of the career from first day beginners to people looking for their next starring role in a series. Every step is fascinating.

My dream and the goal of Lifebook is to help our artists, whom we truly love, make their dreams a reality.”

Who Loves Us

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Lifebook Acting Academy is so much more than an acting class.  It’s a caring, supportive community that embraces everyone who walks through the door and dares you to fulfill your dreams.

Tamara C.Student

I have been at Lifebook Acting Academy for about a year, and I can honestly say that being there has reminded me why I’m an actor.  Being on stage with my classmates is a gift and Allen Levin’s instruction is fantastic. I am so proud to be part of this talented community!

Kathleen H.Student

Allen Levin shows you how to transform desire into action, one scene at a time. If you’re looking for a positive, supportive place to grow and perfect your craft as an actor, then Lifebook is the place to be! You ROCK Allen:-)

Aklia C.Student

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