Class Guidelines

  1. Aside from bottled water, no food or drinks allowed in the theater with the exception of scene work. Food can be stored behind the bar in the lobby and eaten at break.
  2. Please do not stick your gum on the seats or carpet.
  3. Please turn off/silent all cell phones during class.
  4. Do not use real weapons in your scene work. Props to be used as weapons must be checked and cleared by your stage manager.
  5. Do not use real drugs / alcohol in your scene work.
  6. Be ethical. Do not come to class under the influence. No drugs or alcohol should be in your system within 24 hours of class. We want you in the perfect state of mind to move ahead with your career as fast as possible.
  7. Be ON time. 15 minutes early and ready in the seats is highly recommended.
  8. Do not leave your seat during a scene to use the restroom or for any other matter. Try to use the bathroom on break, before or after class. If it’s an absolute must, walk to the right of the stage (stage left) behind the curtain during a critique. Try to avoid this unless you absolutely must go at that time.
  9. Do not use your cell phone, IPod, or any other electronic device during class time.
  10. Respect and support your instructor and your fellow actors. If you have any questions feel free to reach any of the Stage Managers. They will be more than happy to help you. Now let’s get started!
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