The Lifebook Booking Procedure

  • Scenes – There will be 4 booked scenes every week and one floater scene. The floater scene will be the 5th scene booked for that class. By taking the floater scene for that week you know that there is a possibility that the scene will get bumped to the next week, or will be pushed up in case of a cancellation. ONLY THE COMING WEEK OF SCENES IS SOLID, all other weeks are considered “penciled-in” and may be moved around.
  • 24 Hour list – These are scenes that will always be prepared and ready for class in case of a cancellation or if time permits for more work. We should always have scenes on this list – they could get pulled up at any time. These scenes can either be full set up scenes (you will get 24 hr notice of a cancelled spot), or 2-3 minute scenes with little/no set-up that can just be put up on the spot. The new 24 hour list will encompass:
    • Full Scenes
    • Short No Set-Up Scenes
    • Monologues
    • Audition Exercises
    • Cold Reads
    • Improv Exercises
  • Monologues – Monologues from now on work on a 24 hour list basis. (technically they’ve always been 24 hr list basis) Scenes are the meat and Monologues are the potatoes. Monologues get fit in where they can in between scene work. For this reason Lifebook strongly encourages that you keep your monologues 3 minutes and under. Monologue training is mainly for performance for industry people (agents, casting directors, etc) and you will most likely not be performing monologues that are 10 minutes long with props at an audition. Monologues should have little set up and be quick so that they can be repeated in the workshop.
  • Long Scenes – Scenes that are 8 minutes or more from now on need to be approved by Allen, or the stage managers. We strongly encourage students to bring short scenes so that more work can go up. With short scenes they can also be redirected with notes and go again.
  • New Student 1st scene privilege – The books for the scene study classes can often get full very quickly. For this reason from now on new students will have a 1st scene privilege. Within the first month of starting class (after their environment exercise), new students will be able to book a scene in class at any time if they choose. That means that one scene will be bumped, and the schedule will shift down. If a scene must be bumped we will try to bump a scene that is a redo or the floater scene. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility on this! J If you want a guaranteed spot in the next month, get to know the new students and welcome them to the Lifebook Family!
  • Booking a scene! – Sometimes there are miscommunications or the booking officers feel overwhelmed at the end of class because everyone is trying to book scenes, so we have come up with something so easy! A new procedure! There will be a booking sheet posted at the front of the theater on the bar in the lobby every class. Here is how it will work:
    • You’ll write your name, your scene partners and what scene and put it in your desired spot date.
    • If you have schedule conflicts or will be out of town put that in the “Days Unavailable” area.
    • The Booking Officer will take this sheet at the end of class and work on the schedule and do the best they can to work with the dates you need and will get back to you with your date at the end of class.
  • Check the schedule! – From now on the schedule will posted on the Lifebook Wall leading in to the theatre for as far in advance as we have it (it will be updated within 24 hours of the latest class) . It will your responsibility to check it once a week just in case your scene was bumped a week or if you are on the 24 hour list and there was a cancellation and your scene has been moved up. A booking officer will call you if your 24 hr list scene goes up.
  • Cold reads/Audition Exercise – Cold reads and auditions exercises are a great way to get some work in if you have not had time to do full preparation for a scene. We will now keep a Cold Read/Audition Exercise list that can be called upon at any time and will work like the 24 hour list. So bring it!
  • Unprepared Scene Fee – From now on if you have a scene spot you have up to 24 hours before class to prepare another scene and put it on the books. At this time you need to contact the booking officers or Charlene so we can amend the schedule, if you cannot prepare anything PLEASE call us as soon as you know so we can call a 24 hr list scene. If you come to class unprepared for your scene and do not have a replacement scene you will lose your spot and we will call to utilize the floater scene or something from the 24 hour list and you will owe $5 per scene partner into the Lifebook Scholarship fund.

If there are unusual circumstances, we will try to work with you, we will only bump scenes as a last resort, and we hope the new system will get as many people as possible on stage in each class!

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