Student Quotes

“…more than acting… Lifebook is a community that will inspire growth in your life & your art.” – Leilani Marie Smith

Been going here for two years now. I audited 5 different places before settling here. I chose this place for many reasons, some of them being the WONDERFUL AND SUPPORTIVE community of actors, the truly INSPIRING work that is produced, the real PASSION Allen has for coaching his students, and the EMPHASIS on translating class work to the real world. We have guest speakers come every month which is also awesome. The Two Roads Theatre is also a beautiful and intimate space. Great for both the budding and advanced actor. You will find your place here (:

Courtney J.

Lifebook Acting Academy is so much more than an acting class.  It’s a caring, supportive community that embraces everyone who walks through the door and dares you to fulfill your dreams.

Tamara C.

I have been at Lifebook Acting Academy for about a year, and I can honestly say that being there has reminded me why I’m an actor.  Being on stage with my classmates is a gift and Allen Levin’s instruction is fantastic. I am so proud to be part of this talented community!

Kathleen H.

I am a writer who continued to repress my desire to act, until I picked up the phone about two years ago and told Allen I’d like to join his class. I did, the next week, and have been a different (better!) version of myself ever since. Which version of you deserves to be heard?

Kate A.

I’ve been studying with Allen for under a year and I have finally found that tangible success I constantly yearn for in this pursuit- the confidence and recognition within myself that I understand what I’m doing…and I’m good at it. With every rehearsal, scene, improv, monologue, audition- I know I’m one step closer to making my dreams a reality.

Francois D.

Having a bad day? Broke up with your girlfriend? Dog ran away? Lost your job? Or even much much worse? Allen is the only acting instructor I have ever met that brings you into that class room and turns the worst day of your life into the greatest day you’ve ever had on stage, and you’ll feel it… and you’ll smile despite the day you’ve had… and you’ll want more. You’ll learn to indulge in life and all the lessons it teaches you, because “Life gives you the best lessons.” Allen is there to make sure you get what you need out of those lessons.

Eric A.

Allen Levin shows you how to transform desire into action, one scene at a time. If you’re looking for a positive, supportive place to grow and perfect your craft as an actor, then Lifebook is the place to be! You ROCK Allen:-)

Aklia C.

This class and studio has been the best acting studio I have been in and have been in for almost a year.  It is consistently rewarding, while Coach Allen Levin, promotes his community of actors to book industry work on a regular basis.  It is, not only, the most reasonable in price but a community that I, as an actor, feel welcomed in every single week I go there.

Kate O.

There is some serious talent and many are starting to hit big.  I highly recommend the Lifebook Acting Academy.  Oh and it is far more affordable than most acting schools and provides far superior acting lessons.  Do it, you won’t regret it!

Reed H.

I was always dreaming of a class that actively and aggressively takes the acting business and breaks it down for you.  Allen Levin not only works on story, not only works on scenes, not only gives you a positive comfortable environment to perform, but he coaches you through the business of acting as well.  He brings it all together for you.

Raewyn B.

Words can’t explain how much Lifebook Academy has helped me. Everyone is very supportive, Very productive and are all Go-Getters. From beginners to advanced this is the perfect program for anyone wanting to excel. Allen will definitely get you to the top of your game.

Monte J.

It’s hard for me to find the right words to say about Lifebook. Simply put….it changed my life. I went from being insecure and full of self doubt about not only my talent as an actress but me as a human being to feeling confident and full of life.

Julienne I.

I found Lifebook  and I am very happy I did. The very first class left me with a great amount of information I needed. Allen, and his gentle approach in his guidance, generates huge amount of trust in my own potential. Don’t we all seek that while being trained?

Ania S.

Lifebook Academy exceeded my expectations in every way!  With the encouragement and support of the Lifebook community I now know that  that nothing in this industry is beyond my reach.

Aklia C.

I’ve been in this class for almost a year and I love it.  The positive energy is a very refreshing change from all of the jaded actors in LA who tell you how impossible it is to get an agent, book a job, or do anything for that matter.  I always leave class feeling jazzed and motivated!

Kelly S.

Wow!  I have gone to acting coaches paying way more than Allen Levin’s class and I have got to say he was way better.  After his classes, I went from supporting roles in indy features to starring in my own webseries called The Journeys.  Check it out on IMDb for creditability.

JoAnna S.

It’s because of the support from this community and from Allen that breaking down the walls of this industry seems so much easier. Allen puts everyone on their own individual path depending on what it is that you need to work on so it’s not cookie cutter acting lessons.

Julienne I.

Class, community, workshop…I lived in LA for seven years before I found a place that accurately represents all three of these:  Lifebook Acting Academy caters to actors of all levels and artists of all genres.

Kate A

His instruction has provided an incredible foundation for my understanding of theatre and performance.  His passion is inspiring and he creates a very safe environment where I felt comfortable to make the mistakes necessary in order to learn. Great for beginning actors (which I was) and veterans as well.

Jordie C.

Allen Levin is the real deal.  If you are looking for a place to perform and express yourself, and or find a different color to you that you didn’t know you had, then you will have to come and check out Lifebook because that is where it’s at!

Raewyn B.

I would be doing a huge disservice not to recognize an acting class that I feel is not only a class but also an environment that promotes success in following your dreams. The acting instructor and the very students that you work with do this, and this said “community” is just that.

Randy L.

Allen Levin is an instructor who has the essential industry knowledge of a teacher but shares and delivers it as a person, resulting in an atmosphere that’s professional but not pretentious. He personalizes the paths of his students without cutting any creative corners and offers an experience that is just as suited for seasoned acting vets as it is for blank-slate newbies who are ready to take the stage.

Kate A.

I couldn’t have been more impressed with our teacher/actor/mentor than I was with Allen Levin. He’s been an inspiration to me, and I’ve booked so many more jobs after taking his classes. I fully intend on learning more with him. He’s supportive, fair, straightforward & immensely creative.

Chance R.

Allen Levin, is extremely knowledgeable, very supportive and will most definitely challenge you.  I am proud to be part of this community and encourage anyone to give it a try.

Tamara C.

Most acting classes are simply full of actors; my class is full of actors, artists, dancers, and drummers, who are all welcome to share their craft in a fun, creative environment. The support and solidarity among Lifebook students is steady and safe.

Kate A.

This place is a home. The talent and passion that all of the actors here possess is motivating. I studied there for about 6 months with Allen Levin. He sees so much and will take the time to go over scenes with you. This place is personal and fantastic. Being that most new actors are on a tight budget it is great that love of the theatre over-rides dollar signs.

Taylor G.

This is a part of what Allen aims to instill in us as actors, that one is simply a person in a place. Just as in life.  I remember my urgency to jump into a scene study class: “If the audition of a lifetime were handed to me tomorrow, am I confident that I would knock it out of the park?” The humbling truth was ‘no’.

Francois D.

I have never been in an acting class that has every student beaming with awareness and willingness to grab their careers by the tail and work aggressively and administratively to make it happen and be excited about it too! Every single person is positive and excited about their futures at the Lifebook and in their pursuit of a career in acting.

Raewyn B.

It’s real straight forward blunt but ALWAYS said with love coaching. The confidence and power that’s been instilled in me goes beyond anything I’ve ever experienced in an acting class. It’s not just a scene study class. It’s a kick-ass-in-this-industry-because-it’s-possible class and I’m really proud to be a part of it.

Julienne I.

Allen is a great teacher/coach and helps bring out the best in everyone.  He teaches you techniques to bring out emotions that you may not be bringing out while portraying a character.

Danielle G.

Great community. Great place to grow as an actor. Allen always has feedback that I would have never thought of.

Taylor C.

the truth is that this isn’t just any acting class.. it’s real people expressing their selves in front of persons that share many walks of life… and are graciously there to help…
I highly recommend the experience.

Steven G.

Lifebook is primarily a scene-study class, but you will also perform monologues, improv, audition exercises, cold reads, participate in showcases and class film fests and somewhere along the way, you just might find yourself.

Tamara C.

Love this class! There is a formula to this Hollywood biz..  !. you really have to stay ready.  Learn, sew, grow… invest in your craft. I could tell you more.. however.. you should just come into a class one day and join the next.   I will be there learning and blossoming.

Isis N

L.A will chew one up and spit one out. I can’t do it alone (pursue my acting dream) and I’m sure as hell glad I found this place! At Lifebook, we’re family.

Samantha W.

The scene study and improv exercises have helped me immensely in auditions.  I am much more confident and not nervous anymore to improvise a scene or perform my monologue.

Kelly S.

(Lifebook is) a team if you will, that wants success for all instead of individual competition to see who can do better. It is what I thought an acting class should be. A win for you is a win for the class and vice versa. It’s nice to see some straightforward honesty in this sometimes otherwise dishonest business.

Randy L

I highly recommend new comers to come, learn, and explore while WORKING every time You come. As well as You, an established working actor, who wants to polish the adopted techniques and practice new ways and ideas. There is plenty of time and space to do it all. You All will be equally happy to be in a room filled with enthusiastic talent eager to move forward and a great leader behind You.

Ania S

I have finally been shocked to the core, enough to share the experience I had with Allen Levin.  He is incredible.  Allen is a beautiful machine of positive inspiration and awesomely original honesty.

Raewyn B.

I have learned successful skills.. meaning how to be an actor that is a real person.. using life.. don’t be afraid to act like you are not on stage when you are…  Love this class! There is a formula to this Hollywood biz..  !

Isis N.

I love everyone I’ve met in class and we’re getting together to create our own projects now too, so I feel very fortunate to be a part of Lifebook!

Kelly S.

Allen not only helps you with your technique, he also gives you the confidence to succeed. He believes in you even when you don’t believe in yourself.

Bea B.

I really love this class. This class teaches you how to discover yourself on stage. I really got a lot from the instructor, Allen Levin. He teaches us how to be aware of our surroundings in a scene and use it.

Chris B.

This is a very positive to help actors grow.  Can help actors off all levels.  Very helpful criticisms and review of your work. Do scenes, monologues and improvs.  Never too old to learn, especially about yourself – your strengths and weaknesses.  This is the place.

Chuck L.

Lifebook is an incredible acting school and more.  You become friends with the other actors and learn more about yourself in a safe environment.  The instructor is excellent and will help you grow significantly.

Reed H.